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Dennis (CUPE), Prof. Tinio and Jomay at Union Centre

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Damayan Manitoba  
  Damayan-Manitoba is a progressive organization for Filipino immigrants in Manitoba. Damayan works for social and economic justice for Filipino migrant workers.

Damayan initiates and promotes socio-political and economic campaigns and activities in support and in defense of the democratic rights of the Filipino people, particularly migrant workers and the oppressed sectors of our society.

Damayan is a member-organization of BAYAN CANADA and MIGRANTE INTERNATIONAL and works with other patriotic and progressive organizations and individuals here and abroad.

Damayan condemns the unabated political killings of over 1,000 workers, peasants, pastors, student leaders, journalists, lawyers, women, indigenous people and other social activists in the Philippines.

"Damayan" is a Filipino word that means "Caring for one another."
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