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There is another grief that was overshadowed by the news of the death on August 1 of Corazon Aquino, former President of the Philippines.

It is the untimely death of Alyce Claver whose anniversary we remember. It is also that of the recent killing of Dr. Rodolfo Penera and the pain of the families that their brutal deaths have wrought.  READ MORE ....



BAYAN Canada says NO TO CON-ASS!

BAYAN Canada press statement

June 4, 2008

In the dead of the night of June 2, 2009, Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cohorts in the House of Representatives rammed through a resolution that could change the country’s Constitution and may enable the President, under fire for serious human rights violations and cheating, to stay in power well beyond 2010.   READ MORE....
 Damayan Manitoba Statement
27 July 2009
Damayan Manitoba urges all Filipino migrants in Manitoba to join the “No Remittance” day once Con-ass convenes as a legitimate and fair protest action against Arroyo’
s neglect of OFWs’ rights and welfare. The No Remittance Day action condemns Arroyo’s betrayal of our people’s trust, putting our future and our nation’s wealth and patrimony at risk.  READ MORE....


Damayan Manitoba---Bayan Manitoba Organizing Committee
22 July 2009
 Warm nationalist greetings from Damayan Manitoba and Bayan Manitoba Organizing Committee!

 Since the enactment of the Republic Act 7942, or the Philippine Mining Act of 1995, large-scale operations by transnational mining corporations (mining TNCs) have proliferated all over the country. These mining TNCs slowly cover the whole archipelago with their mining projects and plunder the country’s mineral resources in order to rake in billions of dollars in profit.


The Philippines is considered to be “potentially the world's fifth-biggest mineral producer in the world”, with around 24 medium to large-scale metallic mines operations all over the country.    READ MORE....



Abducted Fil-Am activist tortured, files Writ of Amparo
from: www.bayan.ph

Abducted Filipino-American activist Melissa Roxas, who was forcibly taken by armed men in La Paz, Tarlac last May 19 and surfaced six days later, was subjected to physical and mental torture during her captivity. She now seeks the protection of the Supreme Court for herself and her relatives here in the Philippines.    READ MORE...

Fil-Am Mellisa Roxas sworn affidavit

On May 19, 2009, while resting from a survey at a friendly house, the owner of which gladly accepted our request that we rest at his house and while watching a noon time Television program, at around 1:30 p.m., I and my two companions, John Edward Jandoc and Juanito Carabeo, heard a banging on the front door and a voice asking that the door be opened. I immediately went to see what was going on and found about 15 men in civilian clothes armed with high power rifles and wearing ski masks or bonnets surrounding the house and in a little while, the door was forcibly opened and armed men swarmed into the house coming from the front door and the back door and ordered us to drop face flat on the ground...    READ MORE...

Dhalla controversy underlines vulnerability of caregivers
by Orlando Marcelino

From reports Damayan has received from workers' advocates all across Canada, many foreign workers have cited serious allegations of employer abuses for a long time. The LCP puts the workers in a very vulnerable situation by working and living at their employers' homes. While there are employers who are kind and respectful to caregivers, LCP's "live-in" requirement can easily lead to abuses such as long working hours without due compensation.    


IBON: 0.4% GDP also shows OFW remittances' growing failure to sustain economy
By GMANews.TV , on 29-05-2009 16:06 on 06/03/2009 at 8:39 pm Uhr

MANILA, Philippines — The anemic 0.4-percent growth in gross domestic product (GDP) for the first quarter of 2009 not only warns of a recession but also shows that remittances from overseas Filipino workers are no longer enough to prop up the economy, a militant think tank said.     READ MORE...

Philippine Solon Visits Winnipeg to Expose 900-plus Extra-Judicial Killings 
by Filipino Journal

WINNIPEG, April 11, 2008--Philippines Congressman Satur Ocampo, Deputy Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs is in Winnipeg for one day to hold a public forum with the Filipino community at 6 p.m., April 11, 2008 at Broadway Disciples United Church, 396 Broadway at Kennedy. Manitoba Legislature House Speaker George Hickes will host lunch for Congressman Ocampo to be followed by a meeting with Premier Gary Doer.    





Damayan Manitoba  
  Damayan-Manitoba is a progressive organization for Filipino immigrants in Manitoba. Damayan works for social and economic justice for Filipino migrant workers.

Damayan initiates and promotes socio-political and economic campaigns and activities in support and in defense of the democratic rights of the Filipino people, particularly migrant workers and the oppressed sectors of our society.

Damayan is a member-organization of BAYAN CANADA and MIGRANTE INTERNATIONAL and works with other patriotic and progressive organizations and individuals here and abroad.

Damayan condemns the unabated political killings of over 1,000 workers, peasants, pastors, student leaders, journalists, lawyers, women, indigenous people and other social activists in the Philippines.

"Damayan" is a Filipino word that means "Caring for one another."
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